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Wine: Rose Gold Rosé Where: Cotes de Provence

“All of my memories of drinking rosé are happy ones. Sunny patios, beautiful poolside afternoons with friends, and on vacations…” Casey Barber, Dallas founder of Rose Gold Rosé, tells Wine and Where. (We’re sure we can add more rosé appropriate locations on to that list!) Casey has been drinking provence rosé for many years before it became such a movement, so she decided she wanted to make her own pink drink. Good idea because it's a good one! Yes we tried it on National Girlfriends Day and yes there's a day for that.

The juice is sourced and bottled in Provence and is 50% cinsault and 50% grenache. “I made exactly the kind of rosé I like to drink and just hoped other people might agree with me” Casey tells us. The full, rich, flavor and aroma is what we're here for, so of course Wine and Where agrees!

Casey says her favorite part of the wine

business is meeting many new amazing people in the industry. We just hope the outpouring of love, support, and encouragement she receives from her friends is what will continue to keep this golden rosé pouring!

Check out here where you can enjoy a glass or pickup a bottle:

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